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Embedded Software

Made in Switzerland

Innovative solutions for embedded systems and embedded software

Siglab AG develops customized, innovative microcontroller and DSP-based solutions.
We work on the development of new algorithms, as well as firmware solutions for embedded systems and signal processing systems, and implement project ideas from the natural and engineering sciences – with the aim of creating something extraordinary.
Siglab, based in Switzerland, is a leading company in the field of embedded software development. With a strong focus on the creation and optimization of firmware for a wide variety of applications, Siglab has established itself as a competent partner in the world of embedded systems. Our expertise covers the entire spectrum of the development of specialized software that is integrated directly into hardware components such as microcontrollers.
Embedded software is at the heart of many of the products and systems that Siglab designs. This highly specialized software is designed to run efficiently and reliably on the limited resources of typical embedded systems. Through the deep integration of software and hardware, our solutions can ensure outstanding performance and stability in operation. Firmware often forms the basis on which higher-level software solutions are built and is crucial for interaction with the physical components of the system.
Siglab’s expertise also extends to the areas of signal processing and control engineering. These technical disciplines are particularly important for the development of systems that must process and respond to complex real-time data. Whether it is audio signals, image information or other measurement data, Siglab implements advanced signal processing algorithms to achieve fast and precise results.
At the heart of these processes are always microcontrollers – small, powerful computers that form the basis for many embedded systems. The embedded software developed by Siglab makes full use of the capabilities of these microcontrollers to perform demanding tasks such as real-time signal processing and control technology, thereby creating innovative and reliable products for its customers.
Overall, Siglab offers a comprehensive portfolio of services in the field of embedded software and system development in Switzerland. Its approach combines in-depth technical know-how with practical engineering to meet its customers› most demanding challenges.

Our expertise - your advantage

Our range of services accompanies you from the initial requirements gathering to the mass production of embedded software. We are characterized by the rapid and effective development of initial proofs of concept and prototypes. We also specialize in the transfer of board support packages (BSP) for platforms with embedded Linux.
For us, security is the focus: functions such as encryption, secure boot and the management of certificates and keys ensure, for example, secure over-the-air software updates.
We provide certified safety solutions to ensure that safety-critical applications – especially in the areas of medical technology, mechanical engineering and rail transport – comply with the requirements of international standards such as IEC and ISO.
For customer-specific test and inspection systems, we use unit test frameworks such as Google Test, CppUnit, Cantata, Vectorcast, etc. for PC-based programs.
For system tests, we use Python scripts to stimulate the embedded target and evaluate and analyze the system results.
Even after the project has been completed, we remain your reliable partner and offer ongoing support for your systems. In terms of safety and security, you benefit from our proven development processes, which are located in regulated environments.

Our references

Numerous national and international companies trust siglab AG.

SMR Automotive

SMR Automotive / motherson ist einer der weltweit größten Hersteller von Spiegeln und Rückfahrsystemen für die Automobilindustrie und führt


Ein Premium-Hersteller für ganzheitliche Lichtlösungen und Beleuchtungssysteme, die sowohl funktionale als auch gestalterische Ansprüche an Innenraumbeleuchtung erfüllen.

TQ Systems

Technologieunternehmen das Systemlösungen und -komponenten im Bereich Embedded Systeme, E²MS-Dienstleistungen und Elektronikanwendungen realisiert.

Next Biometrics

Next Biometrics konzentriert sich auf die Entwicklung und Vermarktung von fortschrittlichen Fingerabdrucksensor-Technologien für verschiedene Anwendungen im Sicherheitsbereich.

Franka Emika

Innovatives Robotik-Unternehmen, das leicht bedienbare, adaptive und flexible Roboterarme für die automatisierte Industrie entwickelt.

Giesecke & Devrient

Sicherheitstechnologielösungen, primär in den Bereichen Banknoten und Wertpapierdruck, Smartcards und Identifikationssysteme.

Rohde & Schwarz

Internationaler Elektronikkonzern, der hochwertige Produkte in den Feldern Messtechnik, Broadcast und Medientechnik, Cybersicherheit sowie Funkkommunikationssysteme herstellt.


Honeywell ist ein diversifiziertes Technologie- und Fertigungsunternehmen, bekannt für seine Branchenlösungen, einschließlich Steuerungstechnologien für Gebäude, Heime und Industrie


Entwickelt und fertigt Präzisionskomponenten und Systeme in Motor, Getriebe und Fahrwerk sowie Wälz- und Gleitlagerlösungen für eine Vielzahl


Das weltweit führende Unternehmen für Ölfeldservice, das Technologie, Informationssysteme und Dienstleistungen für die Erdöl- und Erdgasindustrie bereitstellt, um

Lear Corporation

Ein global tätiges Unternehmen, das eine der führenden Rollen im Bereich der Automobilsitz- und Elektrosysteme spielt und innovative


Film- und Broadcastausrüstung und bekannt für ihre hochwertigen Kamera- und Lichtsysteme sowie ihr umfangreiches Leistungsspektrum im Bereich der


Valeo ist ein Automobilzulieferer, der sich auf die Konzeption, Produktion und den Verkauf von Komponenten, integrierten Systemen und Modulen

MTU Aero Engines

Führender deutscher Triebwerkshersteller, der an der Entwicklung, Herstellung und Betreuung von Flugzeugtriebwerken für zivile und militärische Luftfahrzeuge beteiligt

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about embedded software

What is embedded software?

Embedded software refers to specially developed system software that runs in embedded systems. These software systems are usually firmly integrated into devices or systems and perform dedicated functions such as control, monitoring or communication tasks.

Which programming languages ​​are used?

For the development of embedded software, we typically use programming languages ​​that support hardware-related operations and real-time requirements. These include C and C++ due to their efficiency and control over system resources. Assembly language is also used for very resource-efficient applications.

How does embedded software differ from traditional PC software?

Embedded software is often highly resource-constrained and tailored to specific, immutable hardware. It usually runs without a classic operating system or with a specialized real-time operating system (RTOS) aimed at minimal latency. In contrast, PC software is designed for general purposes, is often more resource-intensive and runs on standardized operating systems.

What security considerations should be taken into account in embedded software?

Since many embedded systems are critical components in networks, security aspects such as data encryption, secure boot, access controls and integrity assurance must be considered right from the start. Patches and software updates should be safe and reliable in order to close vulnerabilities promptly. In addition, developers should follow a security-oriented development process (Secure Development Lifecycle).